Arielle Austin Teaches a Guest-Class- 'Abstract Process Painting'


First off, if you’re not familiar with Arielle Austin, please go visit her website! This Saturday 9.15.18, Arielle hosted a guest-class at our Shop & Studio location called Abstract Process Painting. This class stepped away from our more common DIY interior finishing classes, to focus on working with abstract fine art processes on canvas.

Arielle is based out of Austin, continuing her art practice here after moving from LA. She works primarily with paint, paper, and dried flowers. And she had been brainstorming to teach a class for a while. Hence Abstract Process Painting was born! Arielle’s intention with the class was to create a safe space for students to create and share, without judgement, apprehension, or pre-conceived notions.

Students explored their processes while letting their emotions and creativity flow. Arielle’s class was a breath of fresh air, without emphasis on the end result— rather, students focused on the journey of creating and developing their own creative language.

Needless to say we can’t wait for Arielle to come back soon! In the meantime, follow Arielle on Facebook and Instagram: