To All Our New, or Soon-to-Be New, DIY Insiders:

Here at Silk and Sage Design, Shop & Studio, our mission is to provide you with the tools, experience, and answers to questions to help your ideas and projects come to life! When you shop with us, you become a DIY Insider- and get to take part in our loyalty program. Make sure you receive your Punch Card! And it's totally free to join.

10 points/punches (spent $200), choose from: a free lye soap, a free scrubby soap, a free milk paint whisk, a free pack of shop towels, a free distressing wax puck; and automatically receive a free chip brush

25 points/punches (spent $500), receive 30% off all furniture and decor item(s) in your purchase during one in-store visit (excluding paint and sundry items)

30 points/punches (spent $600), receive 50% off a class price of your choice (*not to be combined with Bring a Friend discount)

40 points/punches (spent $800), receive a free spot in a class of any value 


Teacher Appreciation Days



Customer Appreciation Days

 Customer Appreciation Days:

**Please select ONE date per year that applies to you, to redeem your points and discounts in-store! We appreciate you, thank you!

March 3rd - Retail and Small Business Employees and Owners Day

April 4th - Media Employee Day (for those who work in TV news, newspapers, blogs; photographers, reporters, etc.)

April 11th - Legal Field Day 

April 15th - Artist and Arts-Related Field Day 

May 10th - Child Care Provider and Stay-at-Home Parent/Guardian Day 

May 12th - Medical Professional Day 

May 17th - Receptionist Day 

June 23th - Government and Public Service Employee Day 

June 26th - Beautician and Salon Employee Day 

October 2nd - Custodial Worker Day 

October 20th - Food Service Industry Day (for bartenders, servers, waiters and waitresses, baristas, chefs, you name it!)

November 10th - Accountant Day 

December 18th - National Employee Appreciation Day (for anyone that doesn't fall into any of the above categories/makeup day if you missed your day!)


"For us at Silk and Sage Design, we know the hard work and passion that goes into teaching, and we know that teachers often pay for classroom supplies and experiences out of pocket in order to provide the best opportunities for their students. That's why giving back to our teachers in the community is extremely important to us! Besides having many great mentors throughout the years, we also have family and friends who currently teach, and both of our moms taught for over 20 years. We want to say thank you from the depths of our hearts, and that we support and appreciate your constant hard work. Enjoy our Teacher Appreciation all summer long!"   - Katie & Brian

        Use codes 'TCLASS' and 'TDECOR' for online orders!