Inside the Tool Box: Folding Your Sandpaper (mini-post)

We have all used sandpaper. And we all know how frustrating it can be when we wear it down too soon and waste it. I'll show you a nifty little trick passed down to me on how to fold it properly and preserve it as long as possible!

This is a favorite of mine because it can be used wet or dry (some techniques do require a wet-sanding process). It's super gritty and durable- but none of that matters if the sandpaper rubs grit upon grit or you can't hold it well.

Take your sheet (it can also be cut down smaller to whatever size you need). You're going to fold it into thirds like this:

As you fold it into thirds, tuck each side underneath the other, so that the gritty side is only touching the smooth sandpaper backing. You never want gritty sides to rub up against each other, never never. The grit will rub down and not through use on your furniture. 

Simple mini-post. Perhaps it is common sense but I hope it's helpful to at least one reader.