Exterior Eggshell - 750 ml


Exterior Eggshell - 750 ml


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Farrow & Ball Paints, Primers, and Wallpapers have been globally-renown in the design community since the 1940s! They are especially well known for their marvelous colour palette, as well as eco-friendly, ultra-low VOC, and earth-based qualities-- they use the best quality pigments for each colour, meaning each colour is a unique recipe from another and cannot be matched.

They are safe to work with indoors, and safe around children and pets. Performance is impeccable, because this water-based paint is higher in paint pigment solids than other commercial brands of wall and trim paints. Visit us for a free project and product consultation, for colour swatches to take home, and for Estate Emulsion Sample Pots to test your design ideas at home! 

  • Covers approx. 95 sq.ft., for interiors only, washable and wipeable, 20% sheen. Available in all 132 colours.

  • Recommended for interior woods and metals (such as trim, radiators, furniture, doors, railings, and cabinets). Estate Eggshell is a silky satin finish with highly scuff-resistant properties , perfect for higher-traffic surfaces. This water-based paint finish can be applied with brush and/or roller with a recommended 2-step process of primer plus paint. Estate Eggshell is eco-friendly and ultra-low VOC, meaning a hardly detectable odor. It's quick drying in 2 hours and ready for recoating in 4 hours.

  • To apply with best success: Make sure your surface has been cleaned, dried, and free from debris prior to priming. Prime with one good coat of the best primer tone for your chosen paint colour and finish type, and let dry. Apply one coat of paint in a consistent manner, and recoat in 4 hours.

  • Visit our F&B Paint + Primer page to see which primer tone best matches to your chosen colour! *Why prime? Priming will ensure the best durability of your chosen paint finish for it's chosen location, and will ensure that your paint colour will match the sample you tried out (paint colours may look different on certain un-primed walls).

  • Please allow for a minimum of 3 business days for most Farrow & Ball orders to be fulfilled prior to shipment- for specialty paint colours, sheens, primers, and high volumes, order turnaround may be a bit longer. When you place a specialty order, if it arrives in our queue before 1pm on weekdays it will generally arrive to you in 2-3 business days, but after that cutoff time (especially on Friday before the weekend) it will take longer due to warehouse and shipper hours. Thanks for your understanding! Most small Sample Pot orders will be shipped out within 1-2 business days. **If you're in the Austin-area, free in-store pickup is available-- specialty orders will require a minimum of 3 business days before they're ready for pickup, while small Sample Pot orders and ready-to-buy colours and sheens will usually be ready within the same business day. **Ask us about expedited shipping options!


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From subtle neutrals and muted pastels, to lively accents and rich dark hues, every 132 Farrow and Ball® colour has been created with care and thought to ensure they work beautifully both alone and as part of a scheme.