How to Open the New Chalk Paint® Litre Tin Lids

Emperor's Silk, GIvenry and English Yellow Chalk Paint tins.jpg

Hello! Happy February. Our 2019 is in full swing, how about yours? Part of our new year has been an introductory to the updated packaging for the new Chalk Paint® litres. Have you tried the ‘global’ Annie Sloan paint yet? In case you’ve missed it, Chalk Paint® recently got a tiny update on the amount of clay in the formula, and therefore will be a little bit thicker in feeling going forward. We’ve been LOVING how creamy it is, and dare we say we didn’t know how it would ever possible for Chalk Paint® to get any better than what it’s been (since it’s so dreamy)… but it has. Our students and customers have been loving the update too.

The other part of that update is that the large tins will be transitioning over to litres from quarts, so you’ll be getting a tiny bit more bang for your buck as well. Opening the litre lids is a little bit of a learning curve, so we decided to highlight the best ways to open the lids without mangling them. All in all, they will be easier to press shut with just your hands going forward (instead of hammering them shut, eek).

Opening the tin

  • Ease the tin opener between the top of the lid and the edge of the tin.

  • Apply slight pressure and lift upwards.

  • Turn the tin a few degrees and repeat the motion. You will feel the air tight seal break and hear a “pop” noise.

  • Continue turning the tin until you have covered the whole circumference of the lid before attempting to pry the lid completely off.

  • Be as gentle and light handed as possible.

  • Following these steps will prevent the lid buckling or damaging the tin.

Closing the tin

  • To secure the lid after use, set in place on the top of the tin.

  • Place both palms on the lid and apply pressure down until you here a “pop”.

*The Wax, Lacquer, and Chalk Paint® tins are all the same, so you can use this method with every Annie Sloan tin. All metals are susceptible to some bending and denting if not handled gently.

If you haven’t made it to the ‘new’ formulated colors yet, visit us to get a quick painting demo to try it for yourself!

Happy Painting :)