Our Brush Guide for Your Projects!

What's the right brush to choose for your project? We've put together our simple, handy Brush Guide for selecting the best brush when at our Shop and Studio. 

Annie Sloan Flat Brushes- Great for minimized brushstrokes when applying Chalk Paint® decorative paint, high-quality synthetic brushes in two different sizes.

Annie Sloan Pure (Natural) Bristle Brushes- Natural hair brushes will always possess slight texture, so you can create both subtle and enhanced texture with this brush that comes in three different sizes. Each hold a lot of paint to extend your brushstrokes when using Chalk Paint® !

Artisan Enhancements® 45mm Topcoat Brush- As a blend of fine natural and synthetic bristles, this brush is intended to minimize brushstrokes when applying liquid topcoats that otherwise might exaggerate the appearance of strokes (like glosses). They also extend brushstrokes well by holding a lot of paint, which also makes them a favorite for applying Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint. 

Artisan Enhancements® European Wax Brush- This lightweight wax brush is great for starting, and is versatile due to size and length of handle. Its bristlehead is flexible yet slightly firm for ideal wax application.

Annie Sloan Wax Brushes- These pointed brushes are of the highest quality, allowing you to wax in tight corners and carvings. They come in two different sizes of both bristleheads and handles, so choose the best based on the size of your project and comfort for grip! Made in Italy.