Scumble (Glaze) by Artisan Enhancements®


Scumble (Glaze) by Artisan Enhancements®


Do you love glazing and/or creating ‘washed’ effects over you paint, plaster, and other surfaces? Scumble might be your new BFF then! Scumble is a VOC-free transparent glaze-type of medium that’s meant to be tinted with your favorite water-based paint (like Chalk Paint® or Milk Paint), or even other colorants. It has extended open-working time of 20 minutes, meaning you can really play with the amount of transparency/ opacity, texturing, etc. For interior and exterior use (provided it is properly topcoated).

To Tint & Apply:

  • *May be applied by brush or roller

  • Stir Scumble thoroughly, and pour/ scoop some into a separate working container or bowl. To tint (especially with a paint), starting with 1:3 parts paint to Scumble (1 part paint to 3 parts Scumble), stirring to completely mix.

  • Coat surface with your desired Scumble tint, waiting 2-5 minutes (depending on desired tint level or texture) and wipe back with a clean lint-free cloth (or dampened sponge tool).

  • The longer Scumble is left on the surface before wiping back, the more tint will linger and give added color depth.

    Allow to dry fully before topcoating (12-24 hours if needed). Topcoat with Clear Topcoat Sealer, Clear Finish, or your favorite Soft Waxes.

  • Soap and water cleanup for spills, brushes, rollers, etc.

We always recommend testing the Scumble tint over a sample piece, and if more tint is desired simply add more of your paint or colorant. For best results, if intending to Scumble over a very porous surface (like unsealed paints and plaster), seal that original surface with Clear Topcoat Sealer or with a thin layer of the plain Scumble medium.

*Do not use in an environment with extreme temperatures— air and surface temperature must be 50 degress F or above for Scumble to behave correctly. Do not allow product to freeze or be exposed to direct heat.

**If Scumble mix thickens while being exposed to open air, simply add more of the plain Scumble medium into it to thin down again. A thick Scumble mix will not harm your process however.

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