Before & After: 'Persimmon' + Greek Blue Cabinet

For us furniture and interior painters, we know that projects often go in 'inspiration stages,' during which choosing the color can be the hardest part! We had a little boxy cabinet that was hanging around the studio just waiting to be painted, that we knew should have a pop of color and texture. We were a little stuck... until we remembered a piece that we had been previously been inspired by, by Leslie Stocker. Using Chalk Paint® decorative paint in Greek Blue, Barcelona Orange and Emperor's Silk blended together, and Old White accents, we created a finish that we absolutely LOVE! The idea was to combine opposite colors from the color wheel for a distinct look (such a great design technique for you to explore on future projects).

As usual, we cleaned the piece down first. Then we base-coated with Greek Blue, applying it thickly and essentially glopping it on for texture with our medium no. 12 Natural Round Brush. This brush helps create anything from barely-there texture to thick hills and valleys! We also waited for some paint to dry for 10-15 minutes and then brushed back and forth over it to pull up even more texture, and then let dry. We wanted the texture to hide some of the water damage to the varnish on the very top.

Barcelona Orange and Emperor's Silk were applied next simultaneously with two different brushes, blending together on the surface while wet. The more texture and visible layering, the better! We let some of the Greek Blue show through still in corners and strategic spots, and once the 'Persimmon' tone dried, some Old White was dry brushed over raised edges for accents. The goal was a look of an aged color patina. We even painted right over the hardware!

Then the distressing happened in a natural manner on edges and raised areas that might have aged with the piece if it was truly old (see our previous blog on tips for distressing). We went a bit heavier in areas right along the front and near the handle. Both 100-grit sandpaper and dampened edge of scrubbing sponge were used. And then we applied Chalk Paint® Clear Wax to finish. 

We're delighted with the results and might replicate them in our own home! For now though this little piece packs a punch, and is at the shop waiting for its new home. Stop by to see it in person!